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The Hashtag Printer motivates guests to capture content from everywhere at your event by using their own phone to take photos and share them publicly on Instagram. ​Every photo shared is tagged with your event hashtag to provide trackable social reach and is then printed for guests to take home as a keepsake. Introducing our Instagram Hashtag Printer, available in Phuket:

Instagram Printer

The Instagram Hashtag Printer allows guests to print their Instagram photo with your tagged event as a memento, allowing them to share with others online and help spread the word of your businesses in Phuket on each social media platform that they are checking into your event with.

Easy To Use

Snap a Photo -> Post & Tag -> Pick Up Prints

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Branded Prints

With our instagram hashtag printer, you have full control over the design and layout of the either 4″x6″, 5″x7″ or 6″x8″ social media prints. Use your own design team, or take advantage of our Phuket in house designers to create prints that match your brand or campaign.

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Increase Sales or cross promote

Because you can customize prints with our instagram hashtag printer for each event, you are able to promote your businesses in Phuket using your logo, as well as cross promote other companies that you are collaborating with, allowing you to offer discounts or other incentives and in return generate more sales for your other outlets in Phuket or even do cross promotion with other companies in Phuket.

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Rental Option

Our Packages

  • 2 Hours Usage
    • 4x6 Unlimited Prints
    • Design service
    • Branded Prints
    • Live photo gallery on HD screen
    • Lucky Draw Function
    • 1 Operation Staff
    * Upgrades to 5*7 or 6*8 prints available

lease option

Need a Hashtag Printer permanently at your hotel, restaurant, attractions in Phuket? We offer our Instagram Hashtag Printers with the option of taking the long-term lease agreements so that you can have your own Instagram hashtag printer on site!

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Photo booth printing service

Organizing an event in Phuket? Why not consider creating a pop up photo booth at your event, where our photographers will take photos of your guests at your event in Phuket. Then have those amazing photos printed out on the spot with your the design you need! Photo booth printing service is also readily available for you here in Phuket.

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